Jeff McMahan

Adventurer, businessman, father.

Jeff McMahan is the Director of Business Information Services at Cornerstone Acquisition and Management, LLP. He is also Director of International Business Development, Centaur Performance Group. He was the Senior Executive Officer of Argent Financial Group LLP, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Jeff oversees foreign business development for the the world's fastest street-legal supercar, the Maxximus G-Force .

At the same time he raises money for charity by taking frequent road trips that are a little more low-tech. (See details by visiting Jeff McMahan's personal site .) Jeff sometimes plays in the Phi Kappa Psi Poker Tournament in Las Vegas. (See details by visiting Phi Kappa Psi Vegas Tours .) The tournament raises
money to the benefit of the fraternity's chapter scholarship funds.

In April 2009, Jeff and two friends and then-fellow Dubai residents Helen and Pippa made a two week journey traversing India in an auto rickshaw. As a competitor for the second time in the Rickshaw Run, Jeff and his team - Lucknow be 2 Ladies - raised $15,000 for three worthy charities: the Frank Water Project , Carolina for Kibera and SOS Children's Villages . The trio were the only Middle East representatives in this grueling 14-day challenge: a mammoth trek across India covering 5,000 km from Shillong in the far North East, close to the border with Bangladesh, to Goa in the South West. Read an article from Time Out Magazine covering Lucknow be 2 Ladies: click here (a pdf pulled from ). To see video and blog entries for this rickshaw run see Jeff's personal website, .

His next trip with the Adventurists will be to drive a mototaxi across Peru in September of 2011.

Read about and watch videos from Jeff McMahan's first Rickshaw Run across India (from Katmandu, Nepal, to Pondicherry, India) with team Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!, go here:


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