Maxximus G-Force

Hope Dworaczyk, Playmate of the Year, and the Maxximus G-Force
David Bruce McMahan and Marlon Kirby had a dream: to build a monstrous record-breaking car with an engine producing over 1,600 hp. Four years and thousands of man-hours later, it's here: twin turbos on a 7-liter Chevy V8 on a custom built, three-speed, street-legal car, complete with air conditioning, leather interior, navigation system and other amenities.

You could say it all started in 1955 when David Bruce McMahan , then fifteen years old and already riding a C37 Indian motorcycle, became the proud new owner of a '55 Studebaker Commander Coupe with just 600 miles on it. David sawed off the top with an acetylene torch, because what he really wanted was a convertible.

David Bruce McMahan managed to survive his parent's ire and rebuilt the Studebaker's engine so that he could turn it into a dragster, adding a McCullough supercharger and getting the car to 104 mph in less than a quarter of a mile, impressive at the time.

McMahan owned a series of racecars after that, including an AC Ace when he was 18 years old. But he soon was distracted from cars by his love of flying machines - he also built a helicopter when he was 18, and was flying his own plane by the time he was 19. He continued to build airplanes, including a Lance Air4p, a single engine kit plane. The Lance Air4 could go to 330 mph, the fastest piston driven plane at the time. McMahan always liked things that go fast!

He met Marlon when Marlon was working as a limo driver and drove McMahan from his private jet into Indianapolis. McMahan was impressed by Marlon's enthusiasm and his new ideas and encouraged him to send him something on paper. Marlon did and McMahan decided to invest in Maxximus Technologies and make the G-Force car a reality .

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