McMahan Abilities Activists

A documentary film about former Khmer Rouge Commander Touj Souerly, and Chhem Sip, a Khmer-American who fled Cambodia after years of forced labor under the Khmer Rouge, and their unique collaboration to improve the lives of a village of landmine survivors. Partially funded by McMahan Center Abilities Activists. Narration by Sam Waterston.
McMahan Center Abilities Activists and the World Rehabilitation Fund together developed and carried out a peer-to-peer vocational training program. Homunculus Productions produced a training film to enable social workers anywhere to replicate the program.
The McMahan Center - Abilities Activists is a nonprofit Bermuda based foundation redefining what people with differing abilities are able to achieve. McMahan AA supports projects internationally that help people learn to use their own range of abilities.
Peer-to-peer vocational training program for landmine survivors living in the Cambodian village of Veal Thom.
Poverty is a challenge faced by most countries of the contemporary world. In Brazil, this disparity assumes giant proportions; 56.9 million people are poor and 24.7 million are just above the extreme poverty line resulting in a huge disparity in the income distribution within the country. McMahan Abilities Activists is working with Pensamento Digital to combat this disparity in Brazil.
WRF believes that all people, regardless of disability, have the right to participate fully in their communities, to attain education and viable employment.