Pensamento Digital

Pensamento Digital
Poverty in Brazil assumes giant proportions; 56,9 million people live in poverty and 24,7 million are extremely poor. Research shows a direct correlation between poverty levels and lack of education.

In order to address this gap, David Bruce McMahan, Founder and Chairman of McMahan Abilities Activists, is working with the Fundação Pensamento Digital in Porto Alegre on a broad based program to bring computers and computer skills to low-income areas.

Funding and oversight by the McMahan Center Abilities Activists assisted FPD to  develop the Digital Cooperation Network: Connecting Communities to Development project to train educators from non-governmental organizations in basic information technology skills, the use of the Internet for research, interaction and publication. These teachers then bring these skills to after-school programs, vocational and adult literacy workshops, and enterprise initiatives.

Fundação Pensamento Digital's program has now evolved to build essential models that examine and demonsrate how technology can most effectively influence policy and procedures. Non governmental and government agencies are working with them to research and study how technology can best be integrated for learning into schools and communities to assist people in impoverished communities in Brazil.

These important collaborative activities continue to be established with a growing list of Brazilian and international organizations including the RS State, Inter-American Development Bank and key universities.  The McMahan Center-Abilities Activists provides an ongoing advisory role.