World Rehabilitation Fund

Founded in 1955, the World Rehabilitation Fund is the pioneer organization devoted to the development and implementation of rehabilitation programs for people with disabilities throughout the world. Our mission is to enable people with disabilities in developing and war torn countries to achieve community and social integration through medical, physical, and socio-economic rehabilitation programs.

The WRF staff works closely with local and international partners to develop culturally appropriate initiatives that address all aspects of rehabilitation, by strengthening the capacity of indigenous organizations to better meet the needs of people in states of disadvantage due to various forms of disabilities, developing community-based programs for physical, psychological, and socio-economic  rehabilitation and reintegration, and upgrading skills of rehabilitation service providers such as physicians, therapists, health promoters, nurses, social workers, and vocational rehabilitation specialists.

The World Rehabilitation fund collaborates with industry and local professionals to enhance vocational training, skills-building, and job placement
programs to create sustainable employment and income-generating entrepreneurial opportunities.

McMahan Center Abilities Activists collaborated with the World Rehabilitation fund on the Poverty Alleviation Through Community Empowerment (PACE) project in Veal Thom, Cambodia.